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Manglier: Why Does it Work?

By :Karen Moore 2 comments
Manglier: Why Does it Work?

“Described as “a horrible-tasting tea reputed to cure almost anything”, groundsel bush showed some of the most potent activity in the Boudreau et al. antidiabetic study. Traditionally, it was used to treat diabetes, inflamed kidneys, congestion, fever, and other flu-like symptoms. Though it is not well-known outside of Louisiana, this was one of the most highly regarded medicinal plants among Native American, Cajun, and Creole healers.” ~Claudia S. Copeland, PhD



Manglier is a hidden jewel that is known to Native American, Cajun, and Creole communities in Louisiana. Manglier has been used for hundreds of years and has been used to treat just about everything.

It is an immunity booster, treats diabetes and respiratory infections. It is an excellent remedy for fevers, chills, congestion, and other cold or pneumonia type symptoms. Manglier is a triterpenoid and can help fight viruses and control inflammation.

Why Does it Work?

Scientific Name: Baccharis halimifolia L. Common Name: Groundsel Bush

It clears viral and bacterial infections. Native Americans first discovered the medicinal properties of this plant in the 1800’s. Creole and Cajun communities used it before the onset of drug proscriptions and antibiotics. It is a natural medicine that can be readily found in south Louisiana. The active ingredient in Manglier is Baccharis Oxide. Baccharis Oxide is a Triterpenoid. Baccharis oxide (the active ingredient in Manglier ) is a very powerful triterpenoid (highly multifunctional compound) with very strong antiviral capabilities.

The many general traditional medicinal uses of Baccharis include the treatment of bacterial/fungal infections. This plant works to increase the body’s immune response and fight infections. This is why Manglier Tea has a 200+ history in Creole, Native American, and Cajun Cultures for use during cold, flu, and respiratory-related infections. The Baccharis genus has been heavily studied as medicinal plants in hopes of discovering new bioactive components in the search for promising drugs.

The Baccharis genus is an important source of natural medicinal products and is well recognized in ethnopharmacology, pharmacology, and phytochemistry. Pharmacological studies are mainly based on the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties

What are Triterpenes?

Triterpenes have been described as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antitumoral agents, as well as being immunomodulator compounds. Several of them are implicated in the resolution of immune diseases, although their effects have not always been clearly correlated

Triterpenes are a class of chemical compounds composed of three terpene units with the molecular formula C₃₀H₄₈; they may also be thought of as consisting of six isoprene units. Animals, plants, and fungi all produce triterpenes, including squalene, the precursor to all steroids.


Our Manglier is sourced from the Southern part of Louisiana and is wild grown in rich soil without any harmful chemicals and pesticides. It is sustainably harvested, sun dried and processed all by hand. We pray over and bless every shipment of leaves to keep in the tradition of the Ancient Indigenous People.

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Mar 11, 2021

Heard about this tea on “Moodshiners”

Kevin gracey
Mar 11, 2021

My wife has cancer where can i purchase this herb

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