• 5 Self-Care Tips to Help You Re-Enter the World

    5 Self-Care Tips to Help You Re-Enter the World

    Do you feel like countless important events in your life were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic? As we move into the recovery period, you might be wondering how you can embrace this new chapter in your life. Emphasizing different forms of self-care, like daily skincare routines or fun home workouts, can be a great way to move forward. These tips from Kingdom Wellness Teas will inspire you to focus on self-care as you get ready to re-enter the world.

  • Women Need a Weight Loss Plan Tailored to Them

    You've been trying to lose weight, but the progress is slow or non-existent. The bad news is mainstream weight loss advice is generally targeted towards men. Women require a whole-body approach to weight loss explicitly tailored to them. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to lose weight, courtesy of Kingdom Wellness Teas.


  • 5 Everyday Strategies to Support Your Mental

    5 Everyday Strategies to Support Your Mental and Physical Health

    When you’re living a busy lifestyle, making time to care for your health can be difficult. But putting your mental and physical health on the backburner can harm your overall quality of life in the long run. Focusing on your health can be fun, easy, and even relaxing - for instance, there’s nothing more calming than sipping a warm mug of tea from Kingdom Wellness Teas!

  • This Pandemic Has Brought Many Changes

    This Pandemic Has Brought Many Changes — But Some Are Positive and May Last

    ​Much has been said about the many ways this pandemic changed everything around us, from how we shop to how we work to what we eat. People are losing their jobs, online businesses are flourishing, and children are forced to study virtually — all these are either short- or long-term changes and can be negative and positive, depending on how we look at them.